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 Handmade product, one of the most beautiful Instruments in the world of musical Instruments, Made from well-seasoned tunna cedara wood with exclusive Hand Carving on Wood & pen carving on celluloid! Great finish, handmade decoration on celluloid in a very artistic and antique manner, exactly balanced and clean work with beautifully designed bird head for main string

        You will get the finest tonal quality, long sustaining sound with beautifully decorated with carving on neck, tabli and pen carving on inlay of Celluloid in a very artistic manner from top to bottom of sitar It is in built with peigeo pick up for greater effect. Which means you can play this sitar just like any other sitar and at the same time it can be amplified with a single output jack socket as per your requirement

Sitar Specifications


Style Ravi shankhar style (Kharaj Pancham )
Wood used well-seasoned Tunna cedara wood
Inlay celluloid
Pumpkin size 44-46 inch (full Size)
Fret Board 3.6- 3.7
Sitar Size 49  x  14 (full size)
Main Pegs 7 Hand Carved with lotus design
Sympathetic Pegs 13 fine decorated ebony/shisham
Frets German silver metal gauge no 5
Strings German Rousulo
Jawari Open or Round Jawari
Polish Work French Polish
Amplification In built with peigo pick up


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