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        A new Professional semi flat base all wooden sitar, with a complete new outstanding look totally different from others with special finish Made from well-seasoned tun wood, long sustaining sound and fine tonal quality!!!! Fine craftsmanship, decorated with inlay Mother of Pearl, Best quality frets, strings fitted with machine mechanic for easy stable and fine tuning of the main strings and chikari  traditional wooden pegs for Sympathetic strings. The machine heads used are of export quality, strings are of Germany.

Special Addition

            It is in build with dual pick up for greater effect. Which means you can play this sitar just like any other sitar and at the same time it can be electrified Ideal for fusion music can be amplified easily.

Sitar Specification

Style Studio, fusion model
Wood used well-seasoned Tun wood
Inlay Black inlay of celluloid
Pumpkin size N/A
Fret Board 3.6
Sitar Size 45  x  13  x  5
Main Pegs Machine mechanics
Sympathetic Pegs  11 fine decorated ebony/rose wood
Frets German silver metal gauge no 6
Strings German Rousulo
Jawari Closed or Round. Jawari kept as per customers
Polish Work French Polish
Amplification In built with peigo pick up
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Package Contains

  • Sitar as shown above picture.
  • Fiberglass Case.
  • Extra set of Sitar strings.
  • Mizrabs.
  • Instruments are fully Insured in Transit.


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