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Handmade product, A new Professional Standard full size sitar, with a complete new outstanding look total different from others with special Natural finish Sitar decorated with simple & antique manner this sitar is the Made from well-seasoned tun wood it has sustaining sound and fine tonal quality!!!! Fine craftsmanship, sitar comes with Special Addition: It is in built with peigeo pick up for greater effect. Which means you can play this sitar just like any other sitar and at the same time it can be amplified with a single output jack socket as per your requirement.

Sitar Specifications


Style Vilayat khan style (Gandhar Pancham )
Wood used well-seasoned Tunna wood
Inlay celluloid
Pumpkin size 43-44 inch (full Size)
Fret Board 3.6
Sitar Size 49  x  14 (full size)
Main Pegs 6 Hand Carved with lotus design
Sympathetic Pegs 12 fine decorated ebony/shisham
Frets German silver metal gauge no 5
Strings German Rousulo
Jawari Open or Round Jawari
Polish Work French Polish
Amplification In built with peigo pick up
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Package Contains

  • Sitar as shown above picture. (Color & Design may vary as each product is made uniquely)
  • Fiberglass Case.
  • Extra set of Sitar strings.
  • Mizrabs.
  • Instruments are fully Insured in Transit.


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